CRTD.A and regional partners conclude regional capacity building workshop on Sustainable Economic Opportunities for Women in Beirut with a press Conference on Wednesday 21 November

47 participants representing women’s and development organizations from Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Tunisia and Lebanon concluded their regional capacity building workshop in Beirut with an encounter with the media to share their findings and analysis of the situation as well as the highlights of a forthcoming regional advocacy on women’s economic rights in the Arab region.  Participants analyzed the current trends in the Arab region by highlighting the impact on women of the rise of religious fundamentalism couple with continuing neo-liberal economic policies, the increasing informality and invisibility of women’s labor and the aggressive calls for women to return to the private domain.  Participants noted that they are working towards stepping up research as well as regional and international advocacy on key impact and policy implications related to women’s care work and invisible work, women in rural areas, and women in the informal sector in selected countries of the Arab region.  More information about this event and attendant document will shortly be posted


The workshop was organized by the Collective for Research and Training on Development – Action ( , a member of the Women Learning Partnership ( ), with the support of Oxfam-Novib.


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